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Meet our members

Karin Beaumont


Karin Beaumont was born in1973 and raised in South Australia. In 1995 she moved to Tasmania to undertake postgraduate studies and pursue her childhood dream to journey to Antarctica. Inspired by her marine scientific research, Karin draws upon microscopic patterns and forms to create sculptural jewellery and objects that combine an aesthetic of marine fragility with quiet environmentalism. Her ethos is that by bringing nature into our personal and intimate space, it quietly encourages us to reconnect with and value the natural world. More recently she has focused her practise closer to home collaborating with

other makers in Tasmania.

Nanna Bayer


Linda Fredheim

Furniture design

Linda Fredheim is a furniture designer and maker based in Hobart. She has exhibited widely and undertakes furniture commissions and small production runs of bespoke packaging

" I find designing and making furniture to be deeply satisfying as the design process allows you to solve practical problems of how we live and I also enjoy the actual process of refining the design in the construction and creation of the piece"


Jennifer Frost

Jewellery and multimedia

For most of Jennifer’s life, North West Tasmania has been her home and her inspiration. Her artistic career began at high school with watercolour painting and drawing, but the need to add a further dimension to her work in later year led her to learn many new skills.

Metals, glass and print techniques are now adding to the increased dimensionality her work has taken on. She successfully combines these mediums and their varied techniques into her ‘patchwork’ pieces.

An accomplished silversmith, she also produces individual jewellery items. 

Jennifer’s  love of nature’s textures and shapes is evident in her work. Birds, flowers, trees and other motifs taken from nature are signature symbols in all her art. These organic shapes are

wrought in stylish and simple designs, crafted

with care and attention to detail

Rengin Guner


Rengin Guner's main inspiration in her jewellery-making process has always stemmed from geometry. The materials used also make strong reference to her minimalist; architectural pieces .She is continually questioning the making process and investigating how to solve mechanical problems in jewellery making. She likes to work with leather, suede and silk thread to complete her designs. Each piece develops its unique character and language. Rengin Guner’s design philosophy remains faithful to the simple pure geometric forms. She uses matt textures surfaces and asymmetry to create statement jewellery of individuality that can accompany

either contemporary or classic styles.

Till Julien

textile artist

Till Julien is a textile artist creating contemporary hand screen printed textiles for the home and by, from her studio in southern Tasmania. Through her textile practice Till explores relationships between the illustration of living forms and the creation of printed cloth and functional objects.
Her design philosophy focuses on combining elements from the natural world and placing these forms and patterns into domestic interiors, aiming to produce work with a conscience of sustanability and beauty.
“I am inspired by the capability of what a seed or bulb can transform into and to reveal what was living and growing under the soil. It's exciting for me to illustrate these living forms, into bold and

playful prints for cloth and functional objects.”

Alanna D'Allura

Furniture and object design

Alanna D’Allura completed a Fine Arts degree in furniture design at UTAS in 1998 and has worked as a designer and maker in the domestic market and commercial realms in Sydney and Brisbane before returning to Tasmania and her roots in 2009.

Alanna is now the lead designer at forestec design who specialise in the design and creation of furniture and products from native Tasmanian specialty  timbers and other local media for both local and international customers.

“my design impetus is to challenge the disposability of so many of our modern household items, I aim for a warm and tactile aesthetic using traditional techniques, natural materials and Tasmania’s world class timbers to encourage an heirloom approach

to design that is compatible with our

fast-moving modern lives”.

Svend Madsen

Furniture and lighting design

Svend Madsen was born in Denmark where he studied drawing and design at the Interior Architect School in Copenhagen in the late 1960's

He has always been interested in woodwork and design, and since leaving the business world has been able to pursue these interests commercially.

"I like to design and make items that have clean lines and are functional. My inspiration comes from the shape, look and properties of the timber I use"

Duncan Meerding

Furniture and lighting design

Duncan Meerding is a Designer/Maker based in Hobart.

Much of his work concentrates on over all form rather than intense detailing, with a particular interest in how light performs through and around objects.


His work is informed by the making process and our impacts upon the natural environment

Gary headshot.jpg

Gary Olsson

Furniture and Object Design

Gary Olsson, classically trained in design and traditional construction by Harvey Bros (LJ Harvey’s sons), has designed from his Brisbane studio since 1983.  He enriches client intent, through adherence to his axiom of longevity and functionality underpinning aesthetics. 

Gary’s highly customised approach ensures an enduring personal connection between the owner and their commissioned piece, and transferal stewardship for the next generation.  He imbues his designs with meaningful form and selects personally significant materials.

Designs are value added for maintenance, itinerants, and optimising complementarity with various interiors.  His work embodies conservation principles and retains an enduring justification for

the use of diminishing resources, as he fashions

antiques and heirlooms of the future.

Sharon  Moore

Furniture design and photography

Sharon Moore is an emerging artist and designer, focusing primarily on furniture design and photography. Her work centres on her deep and evolving relationship with memory, ‘Island-ness’ and Tasmania.  Her designs utilise mixed media, mainly Tasmanian wood, metal and photographic imagery.  Originally from Northern Queensland, Sharon has lived in Tasmania for the past 14 years.

Belinda Winkler

artist and designer

An artist and designer, Belinda Winkler’s practice spans ceramics, sculpture, public art and design. A maker by nature, she is happiest when covered in plaster and surrounded by an array of fresh warm casts, each imbued with the tension and pressure of its creation and loaded with potential.

Christine Hannan

artist and designer

Christine Hannan works in the mediums of glass, printmaking and painting.

Her work is informed by artistic processes that allow these materials to be combined.  A deep understanding of the forms that these materials can take as they are transformed from one state to another is a fundamental aspect of her process.

Organic patterns that are found in the landscape - decay, erosion, tide and wind - can be seen in the lines and shapes of her work. At times, glass accents are added to prints and paintings to accentuate these designs. 

David Pannell

furniture designer

David Pannell is a furniture designer and maker based in Franklin, Tasmania. His work aims for ‘lightness’ and for forms that recede into the background.


 “The exploration of materials and form allows me to create furniture that is both sustainable and valued by the user.”

Tanya Maxwell


Tanya studied 3D Design in her BFA at TCoTA. Her visual art practice evolves from a performance based career in physical theatre, as a Clown Doctor and an award winning costume designer.  Her professional training and practice flows into tactile and bionomic forms made from discarded materials, usually tree, plant, bone… and sometimes metal.


Since 2012 Tanya has shown work in 19 group exhibitions and has been the recipient of grants to support interstate representation at Melbourne Fringe Furniture and a Tasmanian Wilderness Art Residency.

Love and vulnerability are central to her work as are narratives of absence and presence

Christiane_knight_ working on lampshade_

Christiane Knight

textile artist

Christiane Knight was born in Germany and began weaving while studying at the Pestalozzi Seminar in Grossburgwedel. It started a lifelong passion for working on looms.

Running workshops over the years allowed her to pass on her passion for weaving, while exhibiting in group shows provided ongoing inspiration and a sense of community.


Christiane is currently exploring non-traditional materials and historic weaving drafts, transforming these patterns into contemporary design.



Linda Chee

fibre artist

Linda Chee is a fibre artist who lives and works in the beautiful Huon Valley,where she pursues her passion for creating eco dyed textiles and presenting workshops.





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