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5th Aug – 4th September 2021

Moonah Arts Centre,

Open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm

We started thinking about this exhibition late in 2019 around the theme of interplay - the operation or effect that two or more things have on each other, an interaction. Plans were made for studio visits, the sharing of ideas,  collaborations, and working at different scales to current practice. And then as the events of 2020 developed, most of those ideas got thrown out of the window, as uncertainty descended.

It quickly became apparent that our exhibition scheduled for mid 2020 was looking unlikely, with everyone's energy focused elsewhere, and interactions discouraged. Fortunately Moonah Arts Centre allowed us to reschedule our exhibition to 2021.

Somehow the extra time and more time alone in the studio has led to a different body of work. A questioning of why we make and what drives the process. A refining of fundamental ideas and a recognition of how inspiration and the interplay of ideas drives creativity. Can a process be the finished work? What happens when a familiar technique or material is used in an different way? Can an experience be recreated in an object?

16 of our members have developed new work over the last 12 months for the exhibition, sharing ideas and reflections to produce a diverse range of design and craft objects exploring the interplay between materials, process, form, function and imagination.

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